As we all are now aware....we are in "crisis" mode.  We at Community Christian

                              have ceased all activities to ensure the safety of our elderly and vulnerable.  We appreciate

                             those who are taking precautions in this regard.  This Sunday we were able to do a "live"

                            presentation of the message via FB which was well received and we will do the same until this

                            situation is resolved.  The church was and will be open Sunday morning and Wednesday nights

                            for small (less then 10) to gather for prayer.  We are thankful for those who chose to join in prayer

                             Sunday.  What a blessing to have hearts joined in serious prayer for more than an hour.  Our hearts

                             were touched.  If at any point you wish to come to the church to pray just let us know and the door

                             can be unlocked for you.

                             We know that there are many needs still out there and so if you have any special requests or needs

                              do not hesitate to contact us at the office and we will see how we can help.  One thing we need to

                              remember is that we do not need to panic or be afraid.  The LORD IS OUR STRENGTH!  He is in control.

                             Seek Him in prayer, in the Word, and talk with others from the church body.  We are all in this

                             together and are here for each other.  

                             We are looking forward to Easter and doing a Communion Service via the "distancing method".  If you 

                            are interested you can come to the church any time between 9:30 and 11:00 to receive communion and

                          have prayer with Pastor Noyes (as long as you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ).  You will enter

                         through the ramp door and exit through the front door.  Please do not congregate outside.  Thank you.

                         We are hoping to be in fellowship soon.  And when we are WHAT REJOICING THERE WILL BE. Thank you

                         for all your support and help not only to us but to all of the folk and townsfolk.  The ministry of the church

                        has been noticed and we are so proud of our church people.